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Monday 25th of January 2021    

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Here is our ref 2412014 SIAPI - SACMI PET line offer, 8000 bph, year 2004.



This line is still installed and powered. It was originally installed in year 2003/2004 and then upgraded with new filler and new labeler. After the last upgrade it was only tested and never used for commercial packaging afterwards. This is a complete working line till secondary packaging machine (SMI Shrink packer) - the rest of the line is missing (palletizer) All equipment are in good condition as you can see from the attached picture (Shot 27.12.2013 by ourselves) The equipment is ready for immediate dismantling.


NOTE 1: JADE will carry our all export formalities as a part of sales price


NOTE 2: JADE can perform dismantling and packaging at competitive price


Our technical description:


Ref 2412014 SIAPI-SACMI PET line 8000 bph


This line was originally built in year 2003/2004 with new and used equipment. New equipment were delivered by SACMI and some used equipment, like flash pasteurizer and labeling machine were old. Labeling machine was replaced with a new SACMI Opera in year 2007 when the operation of the line was also stopped. This line has been filling beer into 0.5, 1.0 and 2.2 liter PET bottles with normal 28 mm cap, capacity 8000 bph/1.0 liter PET. Equipment are all installed and powered and they are technically in very good condition.


List of equipment:


1: PET Blow Molder SIPA SF 12 / 8E, with Coremo Pack chiller with refrigerant R407C


2: Air conveyors


3: Flash pasteurizer Alfa-Laval Potok Alpo Term BP 1600 with approx 10 m3 buffer tank, year 2003


4: PET Bottle Filling Machine SACMI Integrade VEGA 40-60.10, year 2004


5: Filling & capping inspector


6: Accumulating table


7: Labeling machine SACMI Opera 100, type RF 9T/R1/2/375 S1/E1, year 2004


8: Label Inspector FT Systems RX 300 - CT 300 - CE 301, year 2003


9: Bottle conveyors


10: SMI Shrink Wrapping Machine LSK 30 F, 30 pack / min, heater 49 kW, year 2003


11: PET compressor SIAD TEMPO 950, FAD 950 m3/h, discharge pressure 40 bars, electric motor 190 kW, year 2003. Evaporative cooler DECSA REF C 009 and water chiller MTA HPD 260, refrigerant R407C



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